About Us

About Us

Rich industrial supply, represents and provides sales and marketing services for international companies. The selection of companies to represent is based on the Principal reputation, high standard and quality of products and services. Our expertise and knowledge of the local market and customer needs also plays a major role in selecting the best principal.
Our company has a highly qualified professional sales team.




Instrument engineering devices are crucial for precision measurement and control in various industries, providing real-time data for informed decision-making. From temperature sensors to data loggers, they ensure safety, efficiency, and compliance.


Mechanical engineering devices drive modern industries, enabling the design and creation of complex machinery and structures. From gears to robotics, they revolutionize technology and ensure efficient operation.


Electric engineering devices power our world, enabling generation, distribution, and control of electricity. From circuit boards to transformers, they drive modern technology and electrical systems.
Our latest projects

Our latest projects


Why Us?

Quality matters for us and we have placed it on the top of our criteria list while approaching any manufacturer or service provider to work along with. Having a high-quality service we are assured that we stay aligned with our integrity while we are promoting it to our customers and further during its lifetime, that good quality will remain in the sight of the end user as an advertisementflag of our business.

In line with industrial automation we have selected well-known brands for their quality which complies with the highest international standards where the details will be given in the coming pages.

The qualifications of our people make us stand out. We have brought together many years of experience in different fields including, software engineering and general trading (import and export) which are obtained in Europe, United States and Middle East.

These long years of experience have provided us with an adequate understanding of the Middle East market, awareness of its code of practice and common formats and practices of projects, hierarchy of organizations and international standards.

Management structure

Our staffs carry out various functions aimed at supporting and representing our partners, giving them a voice at international level and providing them with high quality and high-level standard performance.

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Our agency

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Contact Us

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